Hector del Mar has died, "as we wanted you, more Hector del Mar than ever"

Hector del Mar has died, "as we wanted you, more Hector del Mar than ever"

"Bu, bu" Hierro, Ricardo Timón Gallego, Héctor del Mar put the motes on Intercontinental Radio, when football was hardly broadcast on TV and we listened to them on the radio and then repeated it when we played with friends or badges.

Héctor del Mar, the radio journalist, died at age 76. He sang the goal with his lungs and a generation of children grew up listening to football and imagining it in such a way that you can only do it when you do not see it.

They were other times, other journalists and another radio: in the rest he repeated the goals he had sung, as if it were television, I suppose for the pleasure of the listener, so that he would rejoice in that "how we love you, how we love you", that went viral before everything went viral. "Goal of Michel, more Michel than ever," he repeated from the air, punishing his throat.

Hugo Sánchez will be Hugo Sánchez, but for us it will be "Hugo Tequila Sánchez".

It reappeared later, when we had grown a little, not much, putting the voice to the narrations of what we know as Pressing Catch (but that really only was called Catch, because pressing was the word that Telecinco put in front of you all his programs sports). Narrated with Fernando Costilla and while we watched Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior and the Mad Cop and the gravedigger we also recovered his voice. I had changed sports, but not style.

He became known again, putting the voice to another generation and confirming that it was the voice of ours. That was in the moments when we had the best time. That's why it will be unforgettable.


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