Hecansa guarantees employment for its graduates – La Provincia

Hecansa guarantees employment for its graduates - La Provincia

The president ofGovernment of the Canary Islands,Fernando Clavijo, has highlighted the adaptation of the dual training that is given inHotels Escuela de Canarias (Hecansa)to the needs of companies in the hospitality and tourism sector, in short, to the reality of the productive fabric of the sector. In this sense, he highlighted the employability figures of its graduates, higher than 90%.

This was stated during his visit toSanta Cruz School Hotel, where he learned about the employment training program imparted by Hecansa, an entity attached to theCounselingtourism, Culture and Sports, within the framework of the agreement signed between the regional government and the tourist companyBahia Principe Hotels & Resorts, the hotel chain ofPiñero Group,to boost the employability of 180 plaintiffs of the Canary Islands Employment Service.

As explained, this initiative is the first of a series of agreements with companies in the tourism sector through which the staff will be trained for new or renovated establishments. "In this way, we have been able to fulfill one of our commitments: to strengthen public-private collaboration to cover, from training, the needs of our main industry and, thus, improve in quality and competitiveness, two fundamental factors if we want to continue being leaders, "he insisted.

The president was accompanied by the Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Canary Islands Government,Cristóbal de la Rosa; the president ofCabildo de Tenerife,Carlos Alonso; the mayor of San Miguel de Abona,Arturo González, and the mayor of Arico,Elena Fumero.

Fernando Clavijo stressed the importance of this pioneering agreement which guarantees, at least, 90 new hires in the new hotelFantasy Bahia Principe Tenerife, of the category five stars. The president explained that the job seekers participating in this pioneering project have been trained through a program taught by Hecansa and designed according to the demands made by the contracting company.

In this regard, he explained that the courses given correspond to three professional categories and added that this public-private collaboration "is a sample of the adaptability of Hoteles Escuela de Canarias to the real needs of the sector and its capacity to give an immediate response, what ensures the quality of the destination ".

Clavijo stressed that Hecansa is "an instrument of innovation and transfer to companies in the tourism sector so that they can also train in jobs and bring students in training to the reality of business and the labor market."

The President of the Government emphasized the quality of the training provided by Hecansa, which, he explained, "is supported by the employability figures of its graduates, over 90%, and stressed that both theSanta Cruz School HotelAs theHotel Santa Brígida Schoolthey are referents at the state level in the implementation of Dual Vocational Training, a system that alternates learning processes in the classroom with real work scenarios.


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