Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Heavy rains today in the southeast and drop in temperatures

The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) foresees for today, Tuesday, heavy rains and storms in the south-east of the peninsula, where daytime temperatures will drop, snowfall in the middle reaches of the Pyrenees and eastern Andalusia and intense wind in the south and Balearic Islands.

Thus, in the southeastern half of the peninsula, cloudy or overcast skies are expected, with rainfall in the surroundings of the Valencian Community, Murcia, southern Castilla-La Mancha, Andalusia, Strait, Alboran and southern Balearic Islands, strong and / or persistent and occasionally with a storm in the south of Valencia / north of Alicante and Murcia / Almería, as well as in Melilla, Ceuta and the extreme south of Cádiz.

The rains could affect in a weaker and more dispersed way other areas of this southeastern half and the Iberian system in the first half of the day and in the afternoon the clouds will reach the rest of the peninsula, without ruling out scattered showers in the western Cantabrian, more likely in the Pyrenees area, which will tend to weaken at the end of the day.

Little cloud on the Galician and Cantabrian coastlines, clouds and precipitation in the north of the Canary Islands, more intense in the morning in the western ones and without ruling them out in the south, and possible morning mists in the north third.

Snow at 1,600-2,000 meters in eastern Andalusia and between 1,600 and 1,800 meters in the Pyrenees, which will drop to 1,400-1,600 meters in the second half of the day.

Decrease in daytime temperatures in the southeast of the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, rise in the west and in the Canary Islands and frost in the Pyrenees and in isolation in the mountains of the center and southeast of the peninsula.

Winds from the east component will blow in the peninsula and the Balearic Islands, weak in the northern half and more intense in the south, strong in the Strait, Melilla, southern Balearic Islands and the southeastern coast, and with a northern component in the Canary Islands.


– GALICIA: little cloudy or clear, with intervals of low clouds in the interior and the northern coast at dawn, with probable mist and banks of morning fog, and increased cloudiness in the central hours of the day in the interior. Minimum temperatures with slight changes and maximum on the rise, locally notable in the northern third and unchanged or slightly rising in the southwest. Wind from east and northeast on the coast, will roll north to south of Fisterra and will subside in the early morning, and slack in the other direction, with predominance of the east component in the morning.

– ASTURIAS: little cloudy or clear, with low cloud intervals in the early hours and probable morning fogs and fog banks, and intervals of evolution clouds during the central hours in the interior, where some scattered and occasional shower is not ruled out, more probable in the east. Minimum temperatures on the rise in the extreme south and decrease on the rest and maximum temperatures on the rise. Variable light wind in the interior and from the east on the coast.

– CANTABRIA: little cloudy or clear on the coast and low cloud intervals at the beginning of the day and evolution cloudiness at midday in the interior, where a shower in the afternoon is not ruled out. Minimum temperatures with few changes and maximum temperatures on the rise. East wind on the shoreline and loose interior variable.

– BASQUE COUNTRY: cloudy to slightly cloudy from the afternoon in Álava and predominance of little cloudy in the rest, except for some cloud intervals in the central hours. Temperatures with little change, except maximums in ascent in the coastal provinces. Northeast wind on the coast and variable wind on the rest.

– CASTILLA Y LEÓN: slightly cloudy, with low morning cloudiness in the north and northeast, which could give rise to mists and fog banks, and evolution cloudiness in the Cantabrian and Iberian, without ruling out occasional snow showers at 1,700-1,900 meters. Minimum rising temperatures in the northwest and decreasing temperatures in the southeast, maximum rising temperatures and light frosts in high mountain areas. East component winds, generally weak.

– NAVARRA: predominance of cloudy skies, more abundant in the southern half, and with a tendency to little cloud after mid-afternoon, without ruling out any isolated showers in the Pyrenees. Temperatures with little change. Light southeast wind, which will tend to a north component at the end of the day.

– LA RIOJA: low morning cloud intervals, which can lead to mists and fog banks, evolution cloudiness in the Iberian Peninsula, without ruling out occasional showers, and snow level at 1,700-1,900 meters. Minimum temperatures in slight descent or without changes and maximums without significant changes, with light frosts in the mountains. Wind from southeast to east, generally weak.

– ARAGÓN: predominance of cloudy skies, with probable precipitations in the first half of the day in eastern Teruel and more dispersed and occasionally in other areas of the southern half, showers in the afternoon in the northern third and snow at 1,400- 1,600 meters. Temperatures unchanged. Loose east component wind, with moderate intervals.

– CATALONIA: cloudy intervals in the morning, although it will tend to cloudy with clouds of diurnal evolution, probable early morning precipitations in the south of Tarragona and afternoon showers in mountain areas, especially in the Pyrenees and Pre-Pyrenees, which will affect areas next minute, especially in the west third. Snow level at 1,400-1,600 meters, which will drop in the eastern Pyrenees to 800-1,000 meters at the end of the day. Minimum temperatures in slight descent and maximums unchanged. East component wind, moderate with strong intervals on the coast and weak to moderate inland.

– EXTREMADURA: cloudy intervals, with cloudiness of evolution, without ruling out occasional showers. Rising temperatures. East and northeast wind.

– MADRID: cloudy intervals at the beginning of the day, increasing to cloudy during the central hours and little cloudy at the end. Minimum temperatures unchanged and maximum temperatures increasing slightly, with weak and isolated frosts in the mountains. Light northeast wind, which will tend to variable direction at the end of the day.

– CASTILLA-LA MANCHA: cloudy with clouds of diurnal evolution, opening of gaps in the northern half at the end of the day and mists and possible morning fogs in the Sierra de Guadalajara. Weak rains and showers in the southeast, without ruling out that they are locally of greater intensity and accompanied by storm and that will tend to remit at the end of the day, without ruling out that they occur occasionally and scattered in points in the south of Cuenca and south of Toledo . Minimum decreasing temperatures in the eastern half, slightly increasing in the extreme south-west and unchanged in the rest, maximum decreasing in the southern half and unchanged or slightly increasing in the rest and weak and isolated frosts in the northeast mountains . East and northeast wind, with very strong gusts in Alcaraz and Segura and without ruling them out in the west of Ciudad Real.

– VALENCIAN COMMUNITY: cloudy or overcast, with rainfall, which in Valencia and Alicante may be locally strong and stormy. Temperatures unchanged or slightly decreasing. Moderate northeast wind, with strong intervals on the coast and with very strong gusts on the southern coast of Alicante.

– MURCIA: cloudy or overcast skies, with precipitations that can be locally strong and persistent, without ruling out that they are accompanied by storms. Minimum rising temperatures and maximum falling temperatures. Northeast winds, strong on the coast with very strong gusts.

– BALEARES: cloudy, with the probability of some slight and occasional precipitation in Pitiusas and Mallorca, and opening of abundant clearings in the afternoon. Decreasing temperatures. East wind, with some strong interval.

– ANDALUSIA: cloudy, with showers, which in the extreme east, the Strait and Melilla area may occasionally be accompanied by storms and be strong and persistent, and which will tend to decrease during the afternoon, with gaps opening in the western regions. Snow level around 1,800 meters. Rising temperatures, except for declining maximums in the eastern third. Northeast winds, strong on the Almería coast and eastern high levels, with very strong gusts.

– CANARY ISLANDS: predominance of cloudy skies in Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and the north of the islands of greater relief, with occasional and generally weak precipitations, which can be in the form of showers, and cloudy intervals in the rest of the areas, without ruling out occasional precipitations and scattered in southern midlands. Temperatures in light to moderate ascent, more significant in the maximum. North component wind, with strong intervals, which will tend to decrease.


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