March 6, 2021

Heavy rains cause delays at Barcelona airport

The heavy rain that discharges over Barcelona and its metropolitan area is forcing airspace at El Prat airport, which is causing widespread delays.

Enaire, air navigation manager, has reported on his official Twitter account: "For security, we further space traffic on the road and landings at the airport" in Barcelona.

A spokesman for Aena has informed Efe that air traffic regulations are being carried out due to weather conditions, so that take-off and landing operations are spaced so that there are no problems on the runways or in the airspace.

In other areas of Europe, meteorological problems are also being registered due to heavy rains, which in turn are causing incidents in European air traffic and in the links with the Barcelona airport.

To these difficulties is added the strike of the Iberia land staff, which has forced to cancel 62 flights with origin or destination at the El Prat airport.

Civil Protection has activated the Inuncat Plan pre-alert due to the heavy rains that are expected to be discharged during the next two hours in the Vallès Occidental, Oriental, Barcelonès and Baix llobregat regions.

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