April 14, 2021

Heathrow will cancel 172 flights between Monday and Tuesday due to a strike

London Heathrow Airport will cancel 172 flights between Monday and Tuesday next week, which may affect some 30,000 passengers, after union officials confirmed today that they will go on strike for not having reached an agreement on a climb wage.

88% of the members of the Unite union, convener of the strikes, rejected an offer of wage increase that according to those responsible for the airport was above inflation, so that 4,000 of its workers, including security guards, firefighters and engineers , will support the strike.

If these protest actions continue, Unite said in a statement, about 2,500 employees could lose their jobs.

Heathrow said that flight cancellations, which affect 91 airlines, including British Airways, were taken as a preventive measure in case no agreement is reached in the talks between union leaders and airport management, which They resumed this Saturday.

The UK's largest airfield has not yet specified which flights will be suspended and has recommended that passengers check with their airlines to see if they will be affected, in which case they can be relocated or receive refunds.

For those travelers whose routes will not be canceled, it is recommended that they go to the airport three hours before the flight and that they are prepared to withstand long lines at the security checkpoints.

An airport spokeswoman regretted that many passengers "seeking escape to a well-earned rest" will be affected and said that "contingency plans" have been activated to keep the space "open and safe on both days of strike."

Meanwhile, Unite regional coordinator, Wayne King, said that its members are "very aware of the disruption they will cause."

"However, they are at a point where they have had enough with the crumbs, while the shareholders take billions in dividends and the executive director enjoys a salary increase of more than 100 percent," he said.

Unite is also planning another two days of strikes that could occur the weekend before Monday, August 26, a holiday in England.

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