Heathrow airport limits its capacity to 100,000 daily passengers and asks not to sell more summer tickets

The general manager of Heathrow-London airport, John Holland-Kaye, has announced that its capacity will be limited to 100,000 daily passengers until September 11 and has asked airlines not to sell more summer tickets to avoid delays, queues or last minute cancellations.

Holland-Kaye explained that the world aviation sector is recovering from the pandemic, but that "the legacy of Covid-19 continues to pose challenges" and has admitted that there are some "critical" functions at the airport that still do not have the necessary resources, in particular, ground employees.

“In recent weeks, when the number of departing passengers has regularly exceeded 100,000 a day, we have started to see periods where the service drops to a level that is not acceptable: long queues, delays for passengers who need assistance , suitcases that do not travel with the passengers or that arrive late, low punctuality and last minute cancellations”, he lamented.

The latest forecasts indicate that the average number of daily departure seats during the summer will be 104,000, which represents a daily excess of 4,000 seats.

At present, only an average of 1,500 of these 4,000 daily seats have been sold to passengers, so Holland-Kaye has asked its airline partners to stop selling summer tickets to limit the impact on passengers.

"We are recruiting new staff as quickly as we can and aim to return to offering the excellent service expected from UK hub airport as soon as possible," the CEO has promised.

this is how it has @HeathrowAirport the suitcases of thousands of passengers, there are only those that are out on the carousels, they are overbooking and they also send passengers without their suitcases, they treat us as they want @Iberia @AmericanAir #British Airways #London pic.twitter.com/Ys53W4DNwh

– NietaDeMinero (@donmartaday) July 5, 2022

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