Hearts in tribute to the victims

Manuel was admitted for coronavirus on January 3 and although he acknowledges that he physically spent the two weeks hospitalized without great problems, it was not the same on a psychological level. “Being isolated, without knowing what is going to happen, with my roommate who was getting worse and my daughter, only 29 years old, very serious and thought ‘I am 61, I’m leaving'”, he recalled yesterday very excited at the same time made it clear that what was experienced in the hospital “has nothing to do with what you believe from the outside.” “It is one thing to see it on the news and another to live it here,” he said yesterday after the tribute that the workers of the Hospital of A Coruña paid to the more than 28,800 people who were infected with coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic in the health area and where he intervened on behalf of the patients. The event, held on the terrace of the Patient Hotel, was held during the 20 minutes that health workers usually take a break for coffee in the middle of the morning. “We wanted to take advantage of this small stop to acknowledge all the people who have suffered COVID either in the hospital or at home and especially those who have not overcome it and their families,” said the manager of the health area, Luis Verde. .

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