Hearing requires compensation to the FROB with 94 million per case Banco Valencia

The National Court has condemned the former CEO of Banco de Valencia Domingo Parra a year and three months in prison for unfair administration in the largest credit operation of the entity, for which he must pay 94 million to the Bank's Restructuring Fund (FROB) .

An amount for which the Valencian businessman Bautista Soler, his daughter, Victoria, and her husband, Vicente Fons, must also be held responsible as beneficiaries of this financing - with which they intended to purchase a stake in Metrovacesa - and to those who The fourth section of the Criminal Chamber has punished two years in prison as necessary cooperators.

Although the sentence, to which Efe has had access, appreciates that Parra entered 100,000 euros during the trial to the FROB account, the magistrates affect the damage that the non-payment of the loans caused to the fund, which injected 4,500 million public euros to clean up the entity, now integrated into CaixaBank.


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