Hearing of Guadalajara welcomes the trial for the quadruple murder of Pioz

Hearing of Guadalajara welcomes the trial for the quadruple murder of Pioz

The Provincial Court of Guadalajara is hosting today the trial of Patrick Nogueira, the confessed murderer of his uncles and cousins, some crimes committed in August 2016 in the town of Pioz Guadalajara and for which the Prosecutor asks for permanent and revisable prison .

The trial will begin at 9:00 am, with the election and constitution of the jury's court and then the sessions will begin with the statement of the accused at a public hearing.

In the account of the facts it is explained that the defendant went on August 17, 2016 to the Pioz house where the family lived "with the purpose of ending the life" of his uncles and cousins ​​of 1 and 3 years, with a large knife.

According to the prosecution's brief, Nogueira killed his aunt first in a surprise way and later on the minors.

Then, with the intention of hiding the corpses, sectioned the body of his aunt and put it in plastic bags and also hid in plastic bags the bodies of the two children, which did not section.

Then he cleaned the blood and waited for his uncle, whom he attacked from behind when he arrived from work, sectioned the body with the intention of hiding it and also kept it in plastic bags.

Also, according to the account of the events, Nogueira, throughout the afternoon and night and after killing the four members of the family, held conversations on WhatsApp with a friend who was in Brazil to whom he asked for advice, He told him what he was doing and sent him pictures of the bodies.

The bodies without life of the four members of the family were not discovered until a month later, in particular on September 17, 2016, when a maintenance employee alerted the security guards of the urbanization of the bad smell that came from the house .

Three days after the appearance of the corpses, Nogueira flew from Madrid to Rio de Janeiro with the intention of evading the action of justice, although on October 19 he was arrested after returning to Spain and has been in custody since then.

Both the prosecutor and the private prosecution, which are the brothers and uncles, respectively, of the murdered, ask for the defendant the penalty of permanent remainable prison, since they consider that he committed four murders.

For its part, the defense of Nogueira qualifies the facts as two crimes of murder, with respect to the death of children, and two of homicide with the incomplete defense of transitory mental disorder, mitigating rash or obstinacy, or alternatively confession.

The Prosecutor for its part has indicated that the forensic expert speaks of the defendant, who has recognized the facts in different statements in the proceedings, is a "psychopath with all the characteristics of the same as they are self-centered, with no empathy and insensitive" .


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