Health withdraws from the competition for the new Materno tower

Health withdraws from the competition for the new Materno tower

Blas Trujillo, Minister of Health, and Conrado Domínguez, director of the Canarian Health Service. / Arcadio Suarez

The head of the Procurement Service informed the table of a non-remediable failure that one of the bidding companies alerted

CANARY ISLANDS7 the Gran Canarian palms.

delay in the improvement works of the Maternal and Child University Hospital from the capital of Gran Canaria: the Minister of Health,
Blaise Trujillosigned this month the order agreeing to withdraw from the contracting procedure for the expansion and reform works of the aforementioned center, a project with a budget of
43 million euros for the construction of a pediatric tower.

The halt in the bidding occurs when the award phase was entered. According to the order signed by Blas Trujillo, on June 21 the members of the contracting table met electronically to learn about a report prepared by the head of the Infrastructure Service,
Francis Cabrera.

There he informs the rest of the members of the table that it is "opportune to bring back the file" when appreciating a
error in the criteria set for the assessment of the 'Technical quality of the offer and knowledge of the project'. In short, the aforementioned head of the Infrastructure Service agrees with one
allegation presented by the temporary union of companies formed by
Satocan and FCCwhich warns that this assessment includes subjective elements, when theoretically it was scored with a mathematical formula.

"Infringement not rectifiable"

In his report, the aforementioned senior official states: «(...) this application is not a simple direct application to the offer presented, but rather it entails
a prior subjective assessment that depends on a value judgment when estimating whether each unit of work offered as a shortage is actually a shortage that must be accepted as such or not».

On July 21, the contracting table unanimously agreed to endorse the withdrawal proposal "when appreciating that it concurs
an irremediable violation of the rules governing the procedure for awarding the contract.

Against the agreement of the counselor, there is a special appeal in terms of contracting before the Health Department or before the Administrative Court of Public Contracts of the Autonomous Community.

obsolete installations

The work had been announced by the Government of the Canary Islands as a response to the
historical demands of the health personnel of the aforementioned hospitalwhich has one of the most outdated facilities of any on the islands.

This withdrawal will mean a new delay, which aggravates the care problem that the Maternal and Child Hospital suffers chronically.

The order of the Minister of Health is dated August 3. Until now,
the Ministry of Health had not publicly reported of what happened with this tender.

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