Health will vaccinate health workers, police, military, firefighters and teachers with AstraZeneca

The Public Health Commission of the Ministry of Health has updated the state vaccination strategy to adapt it to the limitations of the AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19, which the same body decided last week to only be administered to adults up to 55 years of age . Thus, to the first group that will receive it, which are the first and second line health workers who were already included in the priority groups, they have added a subgroup (group 3B) of other workers qualified as health and social health workers who have been selected, according to Health , “depending on the risk of exposure of their work activity”. Those who receive the AstraZeneca will be “active persons up to 55 years of age”.

This subgroup is made up of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, personnel from pharmacies, legal medicine, home help services personnel, juvenile centers and day centers, and Penitentiary Institutions. After them, the workers who have been determined as essential will be vaccinated with AstraZeneca, who will form group 6: Security Forces and Bodies (National Police, Civil Guard, Autonomous Police and Local Police); Emergency personnel (firefighters and others); Armed forces; teachers and staff of early childhood education and special educational needs, and primary and secondary school teachers. These make up group 6 of state vaccination against COVID-19.

The elderly over 80 years (group 5), nursing home users (group 1) and large dependents over 55 (group 4) will go through a parallel process and will continue to be vaccinated with doses of Pfizer and Moderna. The three vaccines available in Spain right now are double doses, it takes two pricks to achieve full immunity. This Tuesday Health has notified that there are already more than 830,000 people who have acquired it thanks to the administration of the vaccine.


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