February 27, 2021

Health will publish today an order that will allow the care of private gardens

This Thursday the conditions under which walks and the practice of individual sport will be allowed for the general population, for a specific period of time and under certain conditions that, Illa has specified, will be announced. , the Government continues “finalizing”.

It is a measure of relief to confinement that will be added to the one that has been in force since last Sunday and that allows one-hour walks for children under 14, not more than a kilometer away from their home and accompanied of an adult who lives with them.

The Executive has scheduled a press conference with Minister Illa at 6:00 pm this afternoon where he will report the details of that order that will regulate walks and the practice of individual sport for the general population, which the Government considers pertinent to introduce now. Citizens’ health reasons, among other things, to avoid the harmful consequences of sedentary lifestyle.


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