Health will not extend the time between doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines

The Public Health Commission of the Ministry of Health has decided to continue with the schedule of 21 days between the two doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 from Pfizer and with 28 days for that of Moderna, as indicated by the manufacturers . It has been advanced by Cadena SER and has been able to confirm it. The Public Health Commission, according to sources from Health to, was in a “debate” on whether or not to extend the term, and it was discussed at this afternoon’s meeting, in which the directors of Public Health of all the communities. But the debate is not something new; it has been on the table for several weeks. The last one, Catalunya asked for it.

The position of Health was not to extend it, but to present a document open to the communities, indicate from Health. The document contained the possibility of extending the regimen of both drugs to 42 days for those under 80 or for those under 70, but also of keeping it as it is, which is what has been chosen. In this way, the vaccination strategy remains unchanged.


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