Health will monitor the effect of removing the mask on epidemic indicators

Carolina Darias, this Saturday, at the Town Hall of the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. / cover

Darias trusts that, despite the fact that there may be a rebound in infections, it will not be reflected in an increase in hospitalizations

Carmen Delia Aranda

After the withdrawal of the
mask indoors scheduled for next Wednesday, the Ministry of Health will continue to monitor with the utmost attention the
epidemic indicators in case they could reflect an increase in hospitalizations or serious cases of covid, as indicated this Saturday in the capital of Gran Canaria by the minister, Carolina Darias.

“We are in a different phase, the current situation has nothing to do with the previous situation. We have seen autonomous communities that, after a specific and specific festivity, there has been a
increase in the cumulative incidence but not in hospital occupancy both in conventional beds and in the ICU”, stressed the head of Health who presided over the accession act of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to the Strategy
Fast Track Cities to combat HIV and its stigma through awareness campaigns.

“We continue to monitor the covid, we follow with the utmost attention all the indicators that speak of risk, especially the percentages of
hospital beds that we are in
lowest of the entire pandemic», Darias stressed.

work centers

On the other hand, regarding the regulation of the use of
masks in the workplace, the minister reiterated that it will be the occupational risk prevention services of each company that determine in which areas the use of the mask will be mandatory and in which it will not. In any case, she pointed out that the indications to these services will be specified in the royal decree on the regulation of the mask indoors that
will come into force on April 20coinciding with its publication in the Official State Gazette.

The head of health matters indicated that the abolition of the mask in certain interior spaces has been decided following the indications of experts from the Ministry and the communities and appealed to the
individual responsibility of the population. In this sense, he expressed his wish that citizens “continue to make responsible use of the mask. The culture of care is fundamental and the exemplary nature of this country has been demonstrated and I think it will continue to do so.

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