Health will launch an app with the waiting time in the emergency room of health centers

Health will launch an app with the waiting time in the emergency room of health centers

The Health Minister, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, has announced for next January the implementation of a mobile application that will allow patients to know the waiting times in the emergency rooms of health centers, and thus go to the center where they can be served before.

"There is a network of 180 primary care centers that provide urgent assistance", in its opening hours until 9:00 pm, and the objective of the application is that the patient "can go where he has the least possible waiting", according to Escudero for whom "it is a matter of redistributing patients" that require attention.

On reducing the schedule of scheduled appointments in primary care, which is intended to limit until 19:00, Escudero has stressed "the shortage of family doctors and pediatricians" that suffers not only Madrid but throughout Spain and the need to "adapt the offer to demand ", since 85% of the activity in Primary Care is between 8 and 7.30 pm.

"Tomorrow a monographic sector table is being convened in this regard, to try to concentrate the requests for consultation, which are not maintained in a uniform manner but which adapt to the demand", said the counselor who hopes to reach "a good solution" with unions.

He stressed that "30% of doctors will retire in the next ten years", a percentage that rises to 50% in the case of pediatricians, which will mean "an authentic convulsion for the health system", since A doctor has been around for ten years, so "short, medium and long-term measures" will have to be taken.

In addition, "only one in ten trained pediatricians choose to go to Primary Care," said the counselor at a Sociosanitario Breakfast organized by Europa Press.


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