Health will implement the labeling of five colors in food and beverages

Health will implement the labeling of five colors in food and beverages

The Minister of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare, María Luis Carcedo, today announced the implementation in food and beverages of a five-color logo, to provide citizens with accurate information on the nutritional quality of the product.

This code, known as Nutriscore, will begin to be seen in supermarkets shortly, as companies are beginning to adopt it voluntarily, although the measure will be mandatory within a year, the period in which the royal decree will be approved.

The five-color code consists of a graph with gradual coloring from green to red in five levels in the style of a traffic light, so that greens will identify the healthiest products and red ones of lower nutritional quality.

The minister has also advanced that the advertising of unhealthy foods aimed at children under 15 will be limited through a reform of the PAOS code of self-regulation of advertising with the intention that companies adhere voluntarily and, in the event that do not do so, the Ministry will study the adoption of other control measures.

Carcedo has made these announcements during the delivery of the XI Strategy Naos Awards, in an act in which, in addition, has indicated that measures will also be instituted in schools and institutes to prevent the sale of foods and beverages with high content of sugar, acids saturated and trans fat, salt and calories.


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