Health will carry out a screening in an institute in Lanzarote when detecting coronavirus in wastewater

The analyzes carried out on the wastewater in the Institute of Secondary Education of San Bartolomé, in Lanzarote, have detected high presence of coronavirus, so the Management of Sanitary services this December 22 will do a screening of the entire educational community of the center.

This was reported this Sunday by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, which adds that this Monday will begin to deliver the informed consents for the authorization of the parents to be able to carry out the PCR tests to the students.

In this way, with the screening seeks to know the extent of the infections and activate, where appropriate, the protocols that are necessary to activate quickly if necessary.

However, the Ministry of Health recalls that in the previous screening done after similar results in wastewater in Lanzarote, the population screening only gave two positives confirmed by PCR.


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