Health urges the collaboration of the City Councils in the control and surveillance to avoid contagions - La Provincia

The Minister of Health of the Canary Islands Government, Blas Trujillo, has today requested all the mayors of the Canary Islands their collaboration to reinforce controls and surveillance, as well as the application of the appropriate sanctions, to guarantee compliance with safety and hygiene regulations to contain COVID-19 infections.

So, Trujillo requests the collaboration of the 88 Canarian consistories so that the Local Police of each municipality "act with diligence and severity in cases of non-compliance, especially in festive events, both public and private, with an exhaustive control and imposing sanctions ".

The counselor also reminds them that the Canary Islands is one of the autonomous communities that has best fought the first phase of the pandemic with figures of hospitalizations and deaths lower than the other autonomous communities and that had a lot to do with the municipal action that helped compliance with the rules was a success.

"At this moment we are risking the health of the citizens and, also, our economic future. Having to close the external accesses or need to decree new confinements would be a real catastrophe as a society, especially for a community that lives off the tourism and services like ours ", he emphasizes.

Finally, Blas Trujillo, recalls that the main risks that are being seen are those related to breaches of safety distances in restaurants, crowds in public spaces and festive celebrations. Almost nine out of ten positive cases for COVID-19 that are detected in the Canary Islands in recent days occurs in people under 30 years old and who have been infected by participating in leisure activities or family gatherings without complying with security measures which are simple: physical distance of 1.5 meters; hand washing and use of the mask.

Therefore, it asks the highest municipal leaders for their collaboration to strengthen surveillance and control and guarantee the safety of all residents and thus prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the Canary Islands.


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