Health studies a tourist in Lanzarote as a possible case of smallpox of the ape - La Provincia

The Ministry of Health of Canary Government has informed about the research he is doing in Lanzarote to a tourist from United Kingdom that, due to her profession as a health worker, she has been in contact in that country with a confirmed patient of ape pox.

After receiving information from the Ministry of Health, Consumption and Social Welfare about the presence in the Canary Islands of a contact in a confirmed case in the United Kingdom, the corresponding investigation has begun to try to confirm whether or not that person is affected by the disease. .

At this time, the person under study is in good health and is being evaluated by the health services of Lanzarote, which have already taken samples for analysis. The results will be available within 24 to 48 hours..

Apexpox is a mild disease with a chicken pox-like symptomatology (fever, rash, and muscle aches) that improves on its own without treatment, although some people may develop more severe symptoms, which may require hospital care.

The risk of contracting ape pox in Europe is very low, since it is a disease that it is transmitted to humans through contact with infected monkeys, being endemic to jungle areas in countries of Equatorial Africa.

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