June 24, 2021

Health security first and then economic recovery

The fourth vice president and minister for the Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, appointed by Pedro Sánchez to prepare the plan for the gradual return to activity after the coronavirus pandemic, is clear that the health situation is ahead of the economic situation and that it is not will advance in the recovery until stabilizing the health system.

“The faster and better we consolidate health security, the easier the economic recovery will be, knowing that there are many people who have not been affected by a health problem and who are having a difficult time due to economic circumstances,” he says in an interview. with Efe.

Ribera points out that it is important “to reactivate the economic recovery as soon as possible”, but “without false shortcuts”, being clear that “the first thing is to ensure, according to this criterion of sanitary prudence, that we can advance in everything else”.

“Meanwhile, support measures must be maintained that are currently benefiting more than 30% of the income of this country,” he recalls, referring to the business aid packages and the labor measures adopted by the Executive in over the past few weeks.

At the same time, the head of Ecological Transition warns that the support measures will have to end and cannot be maintained over time. “This is also obvious. We have launched this entire package because it seems to us that it is what corresponds jointly at this time from the public sector, but it is something that we have to de-escalate as well.” points out.


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