Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

Health rules out that the OPE can adjust to trade union requests – La Provincia

The director of the Canary Health Service (SCS), Blanca Méndez, stressed yesterday, in an extraordinary meeting of the health sector table, that the selective processes emanating from the current public job offer (OPE) (2016, 2017, 2018 and stabilization) cannot be done decentralized, as demanded by the unions – and so they called a strike day that, for now, has been postponed.

Professionals have repeatedly requested that the allocation of places be made by management (decentralized), that is, that each professional can opt for the place they want in a specific center. In this way, a massive movement of professionals between hospitals and, in the case of doctors, the consequent loss of subspecialties that have been settling in the teams of the Canary Health Service (SCS) would be avoided. At the meeting, Méndez stressed the importance of preserving the legal security of selective processes, and insisted that, as centralized, it emanates from a mandate of “the decrees on which they are based”, so, ” if modified, they could be challenged. ”

If that happened, the SCS director insists that she would go against the goal of “stabilizing staff as soon as possible.” In that line, Francisco Artiles, director of Human Resources of the SCS, who accompanied Méndez at the meeting, insisted that article 30 of Law 55/2003 of December 16, of the Framework Statute of statutory personnel of health services, “limits the possibilities of modification of these bases already summoned “.

Criteria Difference

In order not to incur any illegality, the Ministry of Health has proposed to carry out a mixed model – at least for the oppositions of doctors – in which these professionals could choose in which hospital to present their registration for the oppositions, while the award of squares would be carried out in order of punctuation.

The unions UGT, CCOO and Satse nevertheless consider that making decentralized oppositions is possible. The secretary general of UGT, Francisco Bautista, recalled that the Government can benefit from an Additional Provision of the Budget Law of 2019, since it establishes that the calls for the selection of SCS staff could be adjusted and be both centralized and decentralized . “These additional provisions open the door to do it as we ask,” says Bautista.

In the meeting the bases and scales of the selective procedures of various categories of the sanitary group A were approved by the union majority; specifically, subgroups A1 and A2. The Canarian Health Service also accepted the modification of the assessment of experience in the categories of Public Health Technicians and Admission Physicians, in accordance with the proposal made that there should be an increase, within the merits, of the importance given to continuing education carried out by professionals.

The Ministry of Health stressed that the meeting was held “in a climate of cordiality and willingness to reach consensus,” in which, as he argued, both sides showed their permanent predisposition to a dialogue that benefits the job stability of Canarian Health Service workers.


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