July 27, 2021

Health reproaches Murcia to lower taxes while asking for more funding

Health reproaches Murcia to lower taxes while asking for more funding

The Minister of Health, María Luisa Carcedo, today criticized the counselor of the branch of Murcia, Víctor Villegas, that the regional government lower taxes while claiming more regional funding, during a meeting that both have held in this city.

Carcedo, who is on an official trip to the Region of Murcia, has held a meeting of just one hour at the headquarters of the Delegation of Government in Murcia with the counselor, in which both have crossed criticisms about this matter .

At the meeting, Villegas has asked Cardedo "courage" to defend before the Council of Ministers the need to reform the system of regional funding, since, in his opinion, it generates significant difficulties to maintain health and other public services essentials

In response, the minister has asked the regional government to be "consistent", as the system, he said, depends on many variables, including regional taxes and taxes ceded, and if a community "decides that it waives part of These taxes "will mean" a reduction in income "for the maintenance of these essential public services.

As an example, Carcedo recalled that the central government has just approved a decree so that the banking entities are those that pay the tax on Documented Legal Acts, a game that the Murcian administration will not receive because the regional president, Fernando López Miras, has announced his intention to reward him.

The minister has cited that the same thing happens with other "taxes linked to wealth", such as Heritage or Succession and Donations, also rewarded in Murcia.


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