September 24, 2020

Health reports that there are 412 active coronavirus outbreaks in Spain out of the 527 that have been reported since the end of the alarm state

The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has announced that in Spain there are 412 active outbreaks of coronavirus, with more than 4,870 associated cases, of the 527 that have been reported in total since the end of the state of alarm. “60% of the cases are concentrated in Catalonia and Aragon,” explained the minister, who has expressed that the most frequent field in which they occur is the social one, “although those of family, private parties and activities of leisure”.

To curb the incidence of the virus in Spain, where in the last week around 900 cases a day have been detected, Illa has insisted on following the recommendations of the health authorities and, especially, the “three Ms”: meters away (you have to keep at least 1.5), hands, which must be washed frequently and use the mask. “We should not lose respect for the virus as long as we are not with cohabitants,” he said.

However, Illa has expressed that the majority of the outbreaks are “very small and very localized”: “About 70% have fewer than ten associated cases. Those of greater magnitude occur in social areas and among workers in situations of vulnerability” .


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