October 29, 2020

Health reports 177 new deaths and 11,016 new cases of coronavirus, 43% of them in Madrid

The Ministry of Health has added 11,016 new cases of coronavirus to the global balance, 3,897 of them in the last 24 hours. In this Wednesday’s update, Health has added 177 new deaths to the total, 486 of them in the last seven days. Since the epidemic began, there are already 769,188 people diagnosed with the virus while 31,791 have died with COVID-19 in Spain.

Several communities of the PP and Catalonia vote against the proposal of Health to close cities with high incidence

Several communities of the PP and Catalonia vote against the proposal of Health to close cities with high incidence

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Madrid continues to be the autonomous community with the highest number of new infections, with 4,810 new PCR positives –1,586 of them in the last day–, which represents 43.66% of the total cases notified in Spain. It is followed by Andalusia (1,142), Catalunya (951), Castilla-La Mancha (698), Castilla y León (544) and Murcia (495).

Most regional governments of the PP reject the Health proposal

This Wednesday afternoon, the regional councils have met with the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, at the Interterritorial Council to review the Ministry’s proposal for close the cities most affected by the coronavirus. Specifically, it affected ten municipalities, all of them in the Community of Madrid.

Health proposed applying limitations to those localities with more than 100,000 inhabitants, with a cumulative incidence of more than 500 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, ICU occupancy above 35% and a PCR positivity rate higher than 10%. Between the new measures The exit and entry restrictions of these municipalities, the closure of the parks, the restriction of capacity and hours for catering establishments and the limitation of groups in meetings or wakes were contemplated.

The Health proposal has received the vote against of Catalonia and of all the communities of the PP except Murcia, which has abstained, and of Castilla y León. The Community of Madrid has also joined the refusal.

Just a day later of the pre-agreement to which Health and the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso had arrived, the Community has issued a statement in which it again asked the Ministry different criteria to the agreed. Specifically, the regional Executive has requested that the city of Madrid not be counted as a single municipality, but that the situation of each of its 21 districts be considered separately and once again questions the “scientific and technical basis” for set the floor of 500 cases per 100,000 for the new measures.

Despite the advance of the virus in the region, the Madrid government reported this Tuesday that I would stop testing to close contacts of people who have tested positive unless they are cohabiting, vulnerable or have symptoms.


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