April 18, 2021

Health removes some batches of infant food Modilac and Blemil | Society

Health removes some batches of infant food Modilac and Blemil | Society

The Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (Aecosan) recommends not consuming certain batches of infant foods of the Modilac and Blemil brands. The warning comes after the detection in Europe of cases of salmonellosis that may be linked to their consumption, none of them in Spain. In the case of Blemil, it specifically affects the product Blemil Plus Hydrolyzed Rice, as specified by the company.

In a note, the Aecosan recalls that on January 25 an alert notification was published on salmonella poona infection in infants in France. The infection is associated with the consumption of these Modilac brand infant foods, marketed by the French company Sodilac and manufactured in Spain . Since then, new cases have been detected in France, Belgium and Luxembourg "supposedly" related to the consumption of these infant formulas, and all of them present a favorable evolution.

"Numerous" controls and analyzes have been carried out, both by the company and the authorities because the origin of the manufacturing industry is Spain. So far all the analytics of the products and facilities have given negative results, according to Aecosan.

However, research continues to locate within the industry the possible source of contamination that may have affected the products produced there. As a precautionary measure, Asturias, where the factory is located, has cautiously suspended one of the drying towers of the company and has withdrawn from the market all the rice-based products that were made there.

The affected lots

According to the information received through the Coordinated System of Rapid Information Exchange, others of Ordesa Laboratories are also affected. It is Blemil Plus 1 rice, 400 g. (lots 1068-132, 1087-122, 1927-124, 2698-137, 3097-126 and 3408-141) and Blemil Plus 2 rice, 400 g. (lots 1088-190, 1107-173, 1107-173X, 1937-176, 2698-197, 2698-197X, 3107-180 and 3408-204).

Laboratorios Ordesa has specified that the pharmacies and wholesalers that have these lots have already immobilized the distributed units so that they are removed "immediately". The firm recommends consumers who have any unit of this product to take it to the establishment. The company, which insists that the product concerned is only Blemil Plus hydrolyzed rice, has enabled the free telephone, 900 180 873, to serve consumers.

The authorities of the autonomous communities have given the instruction to remove all affected products at any point of their possible distribution. The affected company is also actively collaborating in the recovery of all the products that are still in the distribution platforms and points of sale.

Aecosan has informed the Council of Pharmaceutical Associations of Spain and the Spanish Association of Pediatrics for their knowledge and support in the dissemination of this information. Taking into account the long duration of these products, it is "very possible" that some of them are already in private homes, so it is recommended that consumers refrain from consuming them and return them to the point of sale.


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