Health reinforces the mental health network with 63 professionals and an investment of 1.3 million euros

Archive image of the Tamaraceite Comprehensive Wellbeing Center, in the capital of Gran Canaria. / COBER

Before the end of the year, home care for children and adolescents and a new community care center will be launched in Gran Canaria

CANARIAS7 The Palms of Gran Canaria

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands joins one more year in the commemoration of the
world mental health dayl, which is celebrated every October 10, with the
objective of raising awareness in society about the relevance of mental health, mental pathologies and their repercussions.

Attention to Mental Health is one of the care priorities of the SCS, which this year has invested
1.3 million in reinforcement of personnel to attend to the new resources launched for Mental Health patients on all the islands.

This year
the workforce of 515 mental health network professionals has been reinforced with 63 new hiresamong psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, nurses, administrative assistants, social workers, nursing assistants, caretakers and occupational therapists.

The Confederation of Mental Health of Spain has chosen as
motto for this year 2022
Like mental health. For the right to grow in well-being with the aim of putting the
focus on childhood, adolescence and youthgroups whose mental health is more vulnerable and that require greater efforts.

Resources for the child and adolescent population

The Mental Health Plan of the SCS 2020-23 has allowed to increase the
resources for the child and adolescent populationwhich encompasses measures for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental pathologies in all age groups.

During this quarter, a
home care device for child and adolescent patients with mental health problems in
Gran Canaria and another is planned for
Tenerife in 2023; as well as a reinforcement in the network of community care centers for the child-juvenile population existing in all the islands, which has 17 centers.

In addition, in the month of September the
Infant and Youth Hospitalization Unit of the Materno Insular de Gran Canaria in a plant independent of the hospital center with the necessary own resources. Work has also begun that will make it possible to have a similar area in the HUC, where the team of
HUC Eating Disorders, among other actions. Likewise, for the HUC it has been projected

New Adult Resources

Since the start of the pandemic, new specific resources have been launched on the seven islands to care for patients with mental health problems. Thus, in Tenerife the
Community Mental Health Unit for Adults in Güímar and the staff of professionals was reinforced in the Mental Health Unit of Santa Cruz-Salamanca.

In Gran Canaria, a home hospitalization team for adults was set up and the
home intervention program for psychiatric patients in psychosisas well as a
Day Hospital for people with Borderline Personality Disorder regional reference.

In March of this year, the
Medium Stay Unit (UME) of
Fuerteventura General Hospital to provide continuous and specialized care to people with psychiatric pathologies. Fuerteventura has an assertive community team, a device that was also created on the island of
Lanzarote. In
The Palm a complementary team was hired
Home Care Mental Health Unit.

For its part, in
The iron launched a
psychiatric emergency area at the Hospital Nuestra Señora de los Reyes, a specific team was created for home care for patients with mental health problems. In La Gomera, the staff of the Mental Health Unit was reinforced.

Early Care Resources

As for the Early Attention Units (UAT), in which attention is given to
boys and girls from 0 to 6 years old who present problems in their development or are at risk of suffering from themThe Canary Islands have eight of these devices, of the 11 planned until 2023 in compliance with the Early Care Law and the commitment made by the Government of the Canary Islands at the beginning of this legislature.

attention to suicidal behavior

Special mention deserves suicide as
serious public health problem all over the world, in Spain and the Canary Islands. Since its prevention is a
priority for the Ministry of Health, the SCS has coordinated the development of the Program for the prevention of suicidal behaviour.

The SCS will continue to assess possible
negative repercussions of the pandemic on the mental health of the populationwhile continuing with the
development of actions aimed at providing increasingly higher quality mental health careand according to the needs of the population.