Health registers a slight increase in the incidence of the coronavirus in people over 60 and 36,133 infections since Friday

The Ministry of Health has registered 36,133 new cases of coronavirus since Friday, bringing the total number of cases that have been counted by tests since the start of the pandemic to 12,515,127. The incidence in those over 60 years of age, the group in which the experts focus when considering it at risk, rises slightly and stands at 589.82 cases per one hundred thousand inhabitants. The previous data was 578.39 points.

Regarding the deceased, this Tuesday's report adds 131 more, which places the death toll for two years, March 2020, at 107,239. Of these, 157 have occurred in the last seven days.

In hospitals, as of this Tuesday there are 6,763 people admitted, which translates into an occupation of 5.50%. Compared to the previous report, admissions have increased by 351 cases. In the ICUs, there are 342 COVID-19 patients, a figure slightly higher than that of Friday.

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