June 17, 2021

Health registers 6,347 new infections and the incidence falls to 162 cases

The Ministry of Health has registered 6,347 new coronavirus infections. Compared to the data released yesterday, it is an increase, since 5,701 cases were reported then. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,604,799 people confirmed by tests have been infected in Spain.

At the national level, Andalusia is the community that adds the most cases this Friday (1,607). Behind it are Madrid (1,285), Catalonia (858) and Euskadi (836). On the other hand, the regions that report the least infections are Ceuta (three), Melilla (eight) and the Balearic Islands (27).

Incidence continues to decline for one more day, which this Friday stands at 162 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. This is a drop of four points compared to yesterday, which was 166 positives. This Friday, in addition, the Balearic Islands reaches an AI of 49.42 and joins the Valencian Community as the only two autonomies in low risk.

Regarding the deceased, the health authorities have added 58 new ones, which brings the number of deaths with coronavirus since March 2020 to 79,339. 246 of these deaths have taken place in the last week.

This Friday, Catalonia has announced a new relaxation of the restrictions to face the coronavirus that will come into force from next May 24, when the current measures end. From that day on, meetings of more than six people will continue to be prohibited, but the hours of bars and restaurants will be extended (they may open from 6:00 a.m. instead of 7:30 a.m. and until 11:00 p.m.) and 50 will be allowed. % of capacity in stores and 70% in theaters and bars (now it is 30% and 50% respectively). The maximum capacity in universities will also be increased, from 30 to 50%, while congresses will be retaken without the need for express authorization from the Generalitat.

What’s more, Navarra has also announced a relaxation of the measures. In this case, they will take effect this Monday. Since that day, the regional government has authorized the reopening of the interiors of the hotel industry: the bars and restaurants of the provincial community may reopen their interiors at 30% of capacity or maximum capacity occupancy but with wider distances between tables and presenting a responsible declaration with a technical sheet that will require a CO2 meter.

The interiors may only open until 10 p.m., when the terraces have extended hours until 1 a.m.


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