September 23, 2020

Health registers 2,789 new cases of coronavirus and Madrid is already the second community with the most new infections

The Ministry of Health has registered 2,789 new coronavirus infections, 1,229 of them in the last 24 hours. The community that reports the most cases is Catalonia, with 1,115. In Madrid it has reported 442 diagnoses, of which 225 have occurred in the last day. In total, since the start of the pandemic, 285,430 people confirmed by tests have been infected.

In addition, it has added two deaths with coronaviruses to the total balance, which brings the total of deceased to 28,443, and ten of them dated in the last seven days.

This Thursday, Health has announced that in Spain there are 412 active outbreaks of coronavirus, with more than 4,870 associated cases. Since the end of the alarm state and the start of the ‘new normal’, 527 have been reported, with about 7,000 positives. “60% are concentrated in Catalonia and Aragon,” Minister Salvador Illa detailed during his appearance in the Health Commission of Congress to report on the evolution of the pandemic.

Illa has expressed that the most frequent area in which outbreaks occur is the social one, “although the family, private parties and leisure activities are growing.” The second most common group is that of the workplace, where 24% occurs, “especially the fruit and vegetable sector in a situation of social vulnerability” and, on the other hand, 19% occur in a mixed field.


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