December 4, 2020

Health registers 21,371 new cases of coronavirus and 308 deaths in the last day

The Ministry of Health has registered 21,371 new cases of coronavirus, of which 8,775 have occurred in the last 24 hours. This is a higher figure than yesterday, when they were 19,511. At the national level, the community with the most cases is Andalusia, which adds 5,095 this Friday –and 789 of them between yesterday and today–. In total, since the beginning of the pandemic, 1,458,591 people confirmed by tests have been infected in Spain.

After Andalusia, Catalonia is the second region with the most positives: it adds 3,736 in the balance of this Friday, 1,208 in the last day. It is followed by the Valencian Community, with 2,295 and 275; Madrid, with 1,935 and 1,519; Castilla y León, with 1,599 and 28; Euskadi, with 1,386 and 1,293 and Murcia, with 1,040 and 383.

In addition, the health authorities have added 308 new deaths to the total balance, which is now at 40,769 deaths since March. Of these, 1,315 have occurred in the last seven days.

How is the epidemic evolving now?

Evolution of the cases, deaths, hospitalizations and those admitted to the ICU notified each day according to the notification date. The average of the last week is shown

Source: Ministry of Health

Hospital admissions continue to exceed 20,000. As of this Friday, there are 20,296 COVID patients in one of these centers in Spain, which represents an occupation of 16.15% of the beds. In the last day there have been 2,117 admissions. The community with the most was Andalusia (379), followed by Catalunya (359), Madrid (244), the Valencian Community (217), Castilla y León (181), Asturias (112), Euskadi (106) and Castilla-La Stain (102). The rest of the regions have reported less than a hundred cases in that period of time.

Likewise, there are 3,125 coronavirus patients in Spain who have required treatment in intensive care units, that is, 31.75% of the beds in these units are occupied only by patients with this pathology. The community with the most cases in the ICU is Catalonia (637), followed by Andalusia (521), Madrid (434), the Valencian Community (282), Castilla y León (224), Asturias (138), Castilla-La Mancha ( 130), Euskadi (121), Aragon (116) and Galicia (108).

Cumulative incidence of coronavirus cases drops below 500

The cumulative incidence of cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days has dropped from 500 positives: it stands at 497. This figure remains on the rise in nine regions, remains in five and declines in another five.

In the balance of this Friday, only one is above 1,000 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for the last two weeks in the autonomous city of Ceuta, which has an AI of 1,001. Behind her, above the 500 barrier are Melilla (936), Aragón (868), Castilla y León (818), Euskadi (800), La Rioja (791), Navarra (754), Murcia (750), Catalunya (579), Asturias (575), Andalusia (547), Extremadura (538), Cantabria (518) and Castilla-La Mancha (501).

Below the threshold of 500 are Madrid (323), Galicia (318), the Valencian Community (311) and the Balearic Islands (236).

Only the Canary Islands Archipelago is below 100 (80), although it remains far, despite this, from the 25 that the Government has set itself as a target.

The Ministry of Health of the Community of Madrid has reported this Friday that lifts mobility restrictions in 10 of the 41 basic health areas that are affected by perimeter closures and capacity limits as of Monday. These areas have decreased their cumulative incidence by 50% compared to how they were when their confinement was decreed, as explained by the Director of Public Health, Elena Andradas.

The ten basic health zones that will no longer be closed as of next Monday are the following: in the city of Madrid, the basic zones El Espinillo (234), San Andrés (269) and San Cristóbal (295), in the district from Villaverde; Peña Prieta (319) and Rafael Alberti (303), in Puente de Vallecas, and Vinateros-Torito (255), in the district of Moratalaz. In the rest of the region, the basic areas that no longer have restrictions are Brújula (234) and Las Fronteras (227), in Torrejón de Ardoz; San Blas (265), in Parla; and Guadarrama (312) in Guadarrama. The curfew is maintained for the moment in the entire region from 00 hours to 6 hours, a measure that will be reviewed every week.

A time limit that in Andalusia from this Tuesday is at 6 pm. However, this Friday, The Board of has decided to introduce an exception to allow the hospitality industry to continue with its activity until 11.30 pm “exclusively for home delivery service”, setting 10:30 pm as the “deadline for placing orders”.

And in Lanzarote, The president of the Cabildo, María Dolores Corujo, has reported that students who are outside the island and return at Christmas will be tested for the coronavirus in order to “keep the pandemic under control and that coronavirus infections do not increase” in the island territory. This action is carried out by the Ministry of Health, being an “important measure that reinforces the anticovid actions” promoted on the island.


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