Health, ready to authorize the Selection to be vaccinated with Janssen after requesting a written justification from the Federation

The Ministry of Health is willing to authorize the vaccination with Janssen of the players of the Spanish National Team after requesting a written justification from the Federation's medical team arguing the medical exception of injecting this drug to children under 40 years of age, according to sources from the Government. The medical advisers of the National Team have recommended this Thursday do not give athletes the Pfizer drug Planned by Health, which involves two doses, and order the Janssen single dose, despite the fact that this vaccine is only used in Spain for people over 40 years of age for precautionary reasons in the face of some rare, but serious, adverse effects of thrombosis.

SURVEY |  Should we prioritize the vaccination of national team players for the European Championship?

SURVEY - Should we prioritize the vaccination of national team players for the European Championship?

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Health decided this Wednesday to authorize the express vaccination of athletes and communicated this in the Interterritorial Health Council. Minister Carolina Darias reported that the Army would administer the Pfizer vaccine to the players and part of the technical team, which uses messenger RNA technology, the one indicated right now for those under 40 years of age. However, the Ferderative medical team has recommended not accepting this drug due to, it says, the risk that the injection could affect the performance of the players in their first match of the European Championship next Monday.

Faced with the option of Pfizer, the Federation wants to apply the Janssen vaccine that it is not using for young people. The requests of the organization chaired by Luis Rubiales have been emerging effect until reaching this position on the part of the Ministry of Health. The decision to vaccinate the players adopted yesterday skipped the protocol of the vaccination plan at the national level that has been carried out in the first place according to vulnerable groups and priority tasks and then move on to age groups. Now, the protocol regarding the type of vaccine injected would also be skipped.

Both the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, and the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, have defended the "importance" of immunizing the National Team. They have compared it with the Olympic delegation that will attend the Tokyo Games in July, although the vaccination of that contingent was managed by the International Olympic Committee, which will replace the vaccines used in the Spanish Olympics.

This morning, the Spanish coach, Luis Enrique, commented that "two months ago" they had been informed of the possibility of vaccinating the team with the full schedule once the final list of players who would attend the continental tournament was announced. "Finally that could not be achieved. We accept it willingly. Now there are negotiations so that it can take place, but it is still not certain," he concluded.


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