Health publishes the definitive list of the nursing OPE

"We are pleased that it has been fulfilled," said Leopoldo Cejas, general secretary of the Satse nursing union, who insisted that "both the transfer contest and the definitive list of the OPE" were necessary conditions to give some "peace of mind and calm ”to these opponents. Also in the course of this month, as the Ministry of Health promised, the transfer contest has also been resolved. The process, although already reaching the final stages, has not been completed. The period for applying for a place will open in the coming months, which is expected to conclude as soon as possible. "We ask for speed for what is coming our way," insisted Cejas, alluding to the uncertainty that exists due to the ruling of the TSJC.

In its latest resolution, which arises from a remedial incident presented by the Ministry of Health and the Satse nursing union, the TSJC argued that "public employees do not have to suffer the consequences of irregularities that are not attributable to them." With this phrase, he overturned the defenseless situation in which thousands of health opponents were found in the Canary Islands, since it opens the door for the places of the Public Offer of Employment - a total of 5,513 - to continue being occupied, to despite the fact that the court is also ratified in its decision to annul the decree that regulates its convocation.

The Satse nursing union asks for "speed" to resolve the request phase for a place


With this resolution, nurses, as well as midwives and physiotherapists should not have any problem in the event that the sentence becomes final. In principle, according to the Canarian Health Service estimates, those who have submitted the request or are waiting to access a public square will not be affected either, so that, even if the entire OPE is annulled, opponents should not suffer it.

With regard to nursing, a number of 1,095 places, of which 713 places are offered to the free access system, 305 places to the internal promotion system and 77 places to the reserve quota of places for people with disabilities. However, the final number may rise to 1,250 because "those not occupied by the transfer competition have been added," said Leopoldo Cejas. More than 10,000 people appeared for the oppositions. The group of nurses appeared for the opposition phase on May 12, 2019 together with physiotherapists and midwives. In this sense, Health has also made progress with these two groups during this last year. On May 14, 2021, the definitive list of the OPE of Midwives and Physiotherapists was published.

In addition to the consolidation of employment through the call for OPE, Health is also making an effort to regulate temporary workers of the Canary Islands Health Service. During the summer, 4,316 workers of all professional categories will go from temporary to temporary. This is an increase of 32.2% compared to those proposed at the end of the year and it is proposed that it can be made effective from May until the beginning of summer.

47% of the positions that will become part of the structural staff of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) are in Tenerife –A total of 2,046 places–, compared to 37% of them that will stabilize in Gran Canaria –1,601 places–. This difference has its origin in different circumstances related to the organization and expansion of hospital centers.


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