February 25, 2021

Health publishes data ‘half’ during the December bridge

Health publishes data 'half' during the December bridge

Health publishes data ‘half’ during the December bridge

The Canary Islands will spend the December bridge, or what is the same, the first four days of curfew in Tenerife with data from the Covid-19 that will arrive halfway. This was confirmed yesterday by the Ministry of Health in a press release in which it argued that, according to the Coordination Center for Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, “from this moment it will not receive from the Autonomous Communities epidemiological information on weekends and holidays“, Canarias will not communicate the complete data of the situation”nor will the Grafcan website be updated in those days as usual ”.

Yes, basic information about the epidemiological situation will continue to be collected and published on a provisional basis. This means that it will be possible to know the new cases accumulated on each island, but it will not be possible to know which cases remain active in this period of time, nor the evolution of the accumulated incidence, nor the healthcare pressure that the hospitals of the Islands. The daily update will be active again on business days starting this Wednesday, December 9.

The data contained in the press releases – which will continue to be sent daily as up to now – could vary once they are epidemiologically reviewed and consolidated by the General Directorate of Public Health in the coming days according to the established protocols. Hence, in a few days discrepancies may arise in the updating of the data contained on the Grafcan website.

Tenerife leads the contagions. Only three positives for coronavirus now distance Gran Canaria from Tenerife in terms of the number of its citizens who have tested positive for coronavirus. A slight sorpasso from Tenerife given its worst epidemiological situation has managed to turn a tortilla that had already been on the Gran Canaria side for 106 days. After adding 133 new cases, Tenerife reached 9,568 accumulated cases, while Gran Canaria, with 7 new ones, remained at 9,565.

These provisional data from the Directorate of Public Health of the Government of the Canary Islands also confirm that yesterday Tenerife was close to declaring nine out of ten cases that occurred in the Archipelago. 87% of the total 152 new cases that were registered in the Islands occurred in Tenerife. Seven were registered in Gran Canaria, five in Lanzarote, six in Fuerteventura and one in La Palma. However, being provisional data, they could change in the coming days.

The HUC, with more pressure. The Hospital Universitario de Canarias (HUC) is the hospital center with the highest healthcare pressure in the Canary Islands given its occupancy rates. According to the data provided by the center itself, yesterday there were 59 people admitted to the ward and 11 to the ICU with severe Covid-19. This means that 20.8% of his ICU was occupied and 9.4% of his ward, a higher percentage than three weeks ago. At the Hospital de La Candelaria 33 people remain hospitalized on the ward and 13 in the ICU, which reduces their care pressure on the ward to 3.8%, although in the ICU it continues to be 20.6%. Yesterday there was also a death, an 86-year-old woman in Tenerife with previous comorbidities.


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