January 23, 2021

Health postpones the evaluation of the MIR and extends all their contracts

The Ministry of Health has postponed the evaluations of the resident health workers and has determined the automatic extension of all their labor contracts, in addition to authorizing the hiring of non-community professionals with the aim of facing the crisis caused by COVID-19.

The Official State Gazette (BOE) publishes this Friday a general provision adopting measures in the area of ​​human resources and means for managing the health crisis situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thus, the department headed by Salvador Illa has decided to postpone the annual evaluations and the final evaluation of all residents and extend their employment relationship contracts, regardless of what the specialty or the year they are studying.

It also establishes that these residents receive the corresponding remuneration according to the functions they perform, “provided that they entail a higher degree of autonomy and a lower level of supervision than that which corresponded to them prior to the extension of the contract.”

The autonomous communities may decide that the residents provide services in units with special needs, which may be in the same center, in a different center in the same community or in a different region.

The Ministry of Health will manage the requests of the autonomous communities that do not have enough residents in training and may request the transfer of these to cities with greater healthcare needs.

This general provision also authorizes “on an exceptional and temporary basis”, the hiring of health professionals who hold the title of Specialist obtained in non-member States of the European Union provided they have acquired qualitative and quantitatively equivalent training to that granted in Spain.

The contract will be for a maximum of three months, renewable for successive periods of three months.

People who have completed their Vocational Training Technician in Auxiliary Nursing Care, but who have not yet been issued the corresponding degree, may also be hired.

In addition, the autonomous communities may have forensic doctors and professionals attached to the National Institute of Toxicology and Forensic Sciences who are not providing essential services in the field of the Administration of Justice.


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