Health plans to resume vaccination with AstraZeneca doses on Wednesday

Vaccination in Lanzarote of a caregiver of a dependent person.

Vaccination in Lanzarote of a caregiver of a dependent person.

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands has already administered 222,235 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 and continues, in this way, advancing in its vaccination plan with the two vaccines available in Spain at this time, after the suspension last Monday of the administration of the vaccine of AstraZeneca throughout the country, in a precautionary manner and by a principle of prevention and prudence on the part of the Ministry of Health.

Therefore, the immunization of 75,667 people who have already received the two doses of the vaccine in the Canary Islands has been achieved, which represents el 5.6 percent of the target population.

The vaccination schedule has had to be modified during this week due to the suspension of vaccination with AstraZeneca so that inoculation of groups 3 and 6 has been postponed to that the vaccine from said laboratory was currently destined. However, the Canary Islands is prepared to reactivate the vaccination of these groups once the European Medicines Agency concluded yesterday that the use of this drug is not associated with a general increase in the risk of suffering thromboembolic episodes.

While vaccination of these groups is reestablished with AstraZeneca doses, which It will be expected to be done next Wednesday, March 24, as in the rest of Spain, the SCS continues to vaccinate with doses of Pfizer Y Modern to the people of the rest of the foreseen groups following the vulnerability criterion, applying the second doses for the large non-institutionalized dependents and the first doses for those over 80 years of age.

In total, as of last night, 172,321 doses of Pfizer and 11,059 of Moderna have been administered. As for those of AstraZeneca, 38,855 doses had been administered until last Monday when it was cautiously withdrawn from the vaccination process.


After completing the vaccination with two doses of groups 1 and 2 (those corresponding to residents and workers of social health centers and first-line health professionals), vaccination continues with the rest of the groups established in the Vaccination Strategy, the large dependent, and the first dose of those over 80 years.

By groups, the complete vaccination coverage with two doses: in group 1 99.5 percent; group 2 96.7 percent; group 3 96.35% with one dose and 12.36% with two doses; group 4 86.28 percent with one dose and 33 percent with two; group 5 31.5 percent with one dose and 6.3 with two doses and group 6 26.2 percent with one dose.


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