Health plans to install mobile vaccination points in commercial areas of Gran Canaria

Canary Islands yesterday confirmed six deaths linked to coronavirus, which translates into the highest daily death toll since August 24, when the Ministry of Health The regional Executive reported the same number of deaths. The deceased, a 75-year-old woman in Tenerife, and two men and three women in Gran Canaria aged 88, 76, 93, 84 and 75, respectively, were afflicted with previous pathologies and remained in hospital admission. According to sources consulted by this newspaper, All had completed the vaccination schedule except for the 75-year-old woman who died in Gran Canaria, who had not yet accessed the compounds against Covid.

In the last day, the autonomous community added 354 infections of the pathogen, of which 152 were detected in Tenerife; 173 in Gran Canaria; 16 in Lanzarote; and 23 in Fuerteventura. El Hierro, La Gomera and La Palma, on the other hand, did not record new clinical pictures.

In total, there are 2,979 active cases in the Archipelago. Most are concentrated in Gran Canaria, where 1,298 people suffer from the disease. Tenerife follows, with 1,242 patients; Fuerteventura, with 243; Lanzarote, with 135; La Palma, with 46; La Gomera, with 14; and El Hierro, with one.

This Friday, the Minister of Health, Blas Trujillo, and the general director of Assistance Programs of the Canary Health Service (SCS), Elizabeth Hernández, held a meeting with the president of the Canarian Confederation of Entrepreneurs (CCE), Agustín Manrique de Lara, and other members of the CCE to address the tools that can be used to slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Among them is the use of the Covid certificate. In addition, within the framework of the meeting, the counselor reported that The Canary Islands Health Service is considering the possibility of installing mobile inoculation points during the Christmas holidays in the commercial areas with the most influx of Gran Canaria. “Our services will be able to deploy the precise teams to vaccinate both workers and the public. This can be done with the collaboration of the companies’ Occupational Risk Prevention services, ”said Trujillo.

It should be remembered that the Canarian Government will again request the endorsement of the Canary Islands Superior Court of Justice (TSJC) on Monday to be able to implement the use of the Covid certificate in interior spaces such as gyms or leisure and restaurant venues, as well as in others spaces open to the public. However, on this occasion, it leaves the decision to demand it in the hands of those responsible for the activities.

The SCS begins to administer the third dose to the sixties, without previous appointment


«The vaccine is the most effective tool we have to stop the transmissibility of the virus. Here the world of companies, which have their Occupational Risk Prevention services, play a very important role in making workers end up accepting it “, valued the head of the Canary Islands health, who also stressed the need to improve data on vaccination coverage among the population aged 20 to 39 years.

For his part, Agustín Manrique de Lara highlighted his willingness to collaborate with the Ministry of Health to try to stop the infections. «We are going to strengthen our collaboration and our complicity to try to reach all these people and we are also going to ask for the commitment of the whole of society. We are risking the protection of health and economic activity, “he said. Regarding the Covid certificate, the president of the CCE was blunt when saying that it is a tool that “allows to guarantee” that people who access the premises are vaccinated. “The public sector makes a tool available to the private sector to maintain economic activity and this allows us to maintain it in a more intense way than the one that does not request it.”

In the event that Justice overthrows the proposal again, other actions will be taken. “We would modify the criteria contemplated by each level and from there, we will modulate,” said Blas Trujillo.

The Ministry of Health yesterday began to administer the booster dose of the serums against Covid-19 to health and social health personnel and people between 60 and 69 years old without an appointment. Those in their sixties who want to have the injection in Gran Canaria can go to Infecar, from 9.30 am to 2.00 pm and from 2.45 pm to 6.30 pm, from Monday to Sunday; to the Doctor Negrín University Hospital of Gran Canaria, from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 14:30; to the Insular University Hospital Complex – Maternal and Child, from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 14:00; or at the Juan Vega Mateos Pavilion, Monday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

In Tenerife, the Fairgrounds open its doors, from Monday to Sunday from 8.30 to 18.00; Magma Arte y Congresos, from Monday to Sunday from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm; the Hospital Universitario de Canarias, from Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 2.00 pm; and the Hospital del Norte, from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

More doses for the flu

The Canary Islands will receive 50,000 doses of flu vaccines this week and another 28,000 are expected to arrive next week. This has been confirmed by the Regional Executive Health Department. The Archipelago has acquired 261,500 units for this campaign and, as of November 21, 147,664 had been administered. Health recalls the importance of requesting an appointment to access these compounds.


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