Health organizes this Sunday in Gran Canaria and Tenerife a day of vaccination without an appointment

According to Health data, of the 114 new outbreaks registered in the last week in the Canary Islands, the most relevant for their number are the two outbreaks already mentioned in Gran Canaria, above the ten positive or less on average. Thus, these originate in a barbecue in Gran Canaria with 52 cases and another labor with 42 positives, which affects workers from different companies. To these must be added a social one with 21 positives declared in a pub in Fuerteventura, a sports one in Tenerife with 18 cases, two social (one in Tenerife and another in Gran Canaria) each with 17 positives, one social with 15 affected in a El Hierro leisure place and a work place in Gran Canaria that has 14 people involved.

The 114 new outbreaks in the Archipelago add up to 765 cases, of which 66 have occurred in Tenerife, 37 in Gran Canaria, nine in Fuerteventura, one in Lanzarote and one in El Hierro

By area in which they have occurred, 55 are social outbreaks, 25 work, 22 family, six in socially vulnerable groups, three educational and three sports. In general, all the outbreaks have less than 10 associated cases except the 16 outbreaks that exceed that figure already referred to previously.

Outbreaks with occupational origin

Regarding the outbreaks of labor origin, there is one in Gran Canaria with 14 cases reported in one office, one with 10 affected in Tenerife in a construction company, one in a company in the automotive sector that has five associated cases also in Tenerife, another two in Tenerife with five cases each produced in shops, and one registered in a restaurant with four positives, also in Tenerife. In addition, in Gran Canaria, there are three labor outbreaks with 15, 11 and four cases registered in cargo ships.

In Tenerife, a family outbreak with social and family ramification has been reported linked to a hotel and restaurant establishment and affecting 14 people.

Regarding educational outbreaks, one has been reported in Tenerife, it has 12 positives and affects students of different educational stages, one in Tenerife with five cases and one in Gran Canaria that has three positives, the latter two with family branching.

As for the three sports shoots, all linked to sports activities, two have been registered in Tenerife with 18 and three cases and another in Fuerteventura with seven affected people.

To these outbreaks we must add two new outbreaks notified today on La Palma, both imported. It is an intrafamilial one with 6 positives and another related to a birthday with 11 cases. All the positives are already in isolation and their close contacts are followed, according to the established protocols already activated. These new cases will be added to the Grafcan registry in the coming days.

Also today, Wednesday, a nosocomial outbreak has been registered in one of the Virgen de Begoña Residences for the Elderly, in Tenerife, in which two residents and a worker have been implicated.

Ancient shoots

It also continues to monitor 27 sprouts old, of which some have grown in number of cases. Thus, there is a labor outbreak in a company of the food industry in Fuerteventura that already has 40 affected people, a social one in Tenerife with 37 positives, a sports outbreak reported in Tenerife already has 34 cases, an educational one, also in Tenerife, with 29 positive, one work in a construction company in Tenerife already affects 20 people and another social registered in a gym in Tenerife already has 18 cases.


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