Health opens file to the doctor who has his mother occupying a bed in the HUC - La Provincia

The Minister of Health of Canary Government María Teresa Cruz Oval confirmed on Thursday at Radio Club Tenerife that the mother of a gynecologist at the University Hospital of the Canary Islands (HUC), occupies a bed on the third floor of downtown Tenerife Despite having an administrative discharge since September 2018.

Beyond confirming the information published, the socialist Cruz Oval said this morning that "This problem is the result of the inheritance received", although he advanced that the "task" of the current government team "is done."

In this sense, the regional counselor said that "they already have on the table a series of measures to solve this problem that occurs in the public hospital but that" we will transfer them to the medical professional internally. "

However, the Tenerife policy recognized that this gynecologist from the HUC, who keeps his mother with an administrative discharge in a hospital bed, "is exposed to the opening of an information file" and depending on the results, the corresponding measures will be taken.

The gynecologist's mother was admitted to the Canary University Hospital on August 29, 2018 for a condition. It was a time to receive treatment but once this was completed, it has remained in the center without supposedly medical justification.

Some center workers, who they hid their identity for fear of reprisalsThey assured Radio Club Tenerife that the room occupied by the doctor's mother is "untouchable" and that apart from being occupied beyond treatment, he has received other privileges.

After having knowledge of these facts, the HUC transferred several times to the family of the woman who had to receive the medical discharge, so that this bed would pass to another patient, but before their refusal to take her to a nursing home he put these facts in knowledge of the courts as the protocol marks. While the Ministry of Health of the Canary Islands Government He has not wanted to pronounce on this situation and refers the HUC to the media.

Francisco Bautista, secretary general of the Federation of Public Employees of the UGT Canary Islands, has indicated that he has put this case in the hands of the legal services of the union to file the corresponding complaint in the courts, which will join the one that has already filed hospital.

"If the case is confirmed, it is unfortunate that someone takes advantage of their position in a hospital to have a family member in the same hospital, occupying a public bed whose cost is 657 euros per month and we pay all the Canaries. more taking into account the saturation suffered by the sanitary facilities of the Archipelago. We would be talking about a family with financial resources that instead of taking this person to a socio-sanitary facility, leaves her in a hospital without allegedly medical reasons that justify it, "he added Bautista, who does not remember an equal case in the Islands to which they have uncovered the informative services of the SER Chain in the Canary Islands.

Francisco Bautista has been very critical of the silence that the Ministry of Health has maintained Until this Thursday.

"Health officials should at least announce that they join the complaints to defend the public system," said the unionist before the councilor referred to this matter this morning, because in his opinion the Ministry must clarify that you can not claim that there are no geriatric places in public services.

"We are talking about a doctor with a high purchasing power, with sufficient means to hire a private place. It is true that there is a great need for public assistance places for the elderly, but it cannot be an excuse to be left in hospitals, where rooms are also scarce, to people who must be treated in other types of centers, "said Bautista.

UGT has sent a letter to the HUC Management and the Canary Health Service requesting information on this case, denounced in the first instance by the Canarian University Hospital itself. However, as confirmed by the Secretary General of the Federation of Public Employees of UGT Canarias: "We have not yet received any reply."


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