Health notifies the death of a third person with monkeypox

The Ministry of Health has reported this Friday of a third death with monkeypox in Spain. According to the report, “a person with concomitant infection with monkeypox has died of other causes”, which adds to the two deaths from meningoencephalitis that were recorded at the end of July, the month in which more infections occurred in our country.

Josep Riera-Monroig: "In this outbreak of monkeypox, the novelty is the lesions in the genital area and the pain for weeks"

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At the moment, the Ministry has not given more details about the deceased person or the causes of death. The two people who died in the month of July with monkeypox were two young men, one in the Valencian Community and the other in Andalusia, reported two ministries.

The first monkeypox deaths did not surprise specialists, although in general it is a "mild course" disease. It was also clear that, with a greater number of cases, the possible appearance of serious patients was only a matter of time.

However, the situation at the moment has nothing to do with that of July, since the rate of contagion has slowed down to a large extent. In the worst week of July in Spain, 1,174 cases were registered and in the last week Health recorded 153. In total, Spain has registered 7,037 cases since the outbreak began in Europe at the end of April.

The report also specifies that 6,890 of the infected people are men and 147 are women, and the age ranges between 7 months and 88 years. On the other hand, of the 6,292 cases with available information, 219 people had to be hospitalized, that is, 3.5%.

This week's report includes another novelty, a case of contagion that "is associated with occupational exposure in the health field." But in general, the transmission mechanism of the cases in which this information is available was sexual intercourse in 92.9% of cases and close non-sexual contact in 7.1%.

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