Health notifies 143 provisional cases of coronavirus and no deceased

A health worker shows a tube with a sample.

A health worker shows a tube with a sample.
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The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands today provisionally notifies 143 new cases of coronavirus Covid-19. The total number of accumulated cases in the Canary Islands is 22,045. In the last 24 hours There has been no death from Covid-19 in the Archipelago.

By islands, Gran Canaria Today there are 36 cases with a total of 9,601 accumulated cases; Tenerife It has 9,659 accumulated cases, 91 more than the previous day. Lanzarote adds 12 new cases with 1,446 accumulated; Fuerteventura adds 1 new case in the last 24 hours, placing the accumulated at 932. La Palma registers 1 new case and has 220 accumulated, while La Gomera adds 2 new cases in the last hours, so that its accumulated stand at 118. For its part, El Hierro without new cases, it maintains its accumulated at 66.

The Ministry of Health recalls that these data are provisional therefore, as indicated by the Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center, from this moment on, the Autonomous Communities will not receive epidemiological information on weekends and holidays, so there will be no communication of complete data nor will the website be updated of Grafcan those days as usual. Thus, lThe daily update will be active again on business days starting this Wednesday, December 9.

For this reason, the data contained in the press releases that will continue to be sent daily as before may vary once they are epidemiologically reviewed and consolidated by the General Directorate of Public Health according to the established protocols, so that in the following days discrepancies may arise in the updating of the data contained in the Grafcan website.

Santa Rita Residence

Regarding the outbreak detected in the residence for the elderly in Santa Rita, in Puerto de la Cruz, the Ministry of Health reports that, after carrying out a new screening of residents, the number of infected users rises to 79, all of them asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.

This outbreak was detected at the end of November when 1 worker and 5 residents tested positive for COVID-19, after which a massive screening was carried out in the center in which the positives of another 4 workers and 18 residents already reported in information were confirmed previous.


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