Health notifies 126 new deaths with COVID-19 and 12,423 cases

The Ministry of Health has added 12,423 new cases of coronavirus in this Thursday’s update, of which 5,585 positives have been registered in the last 24 hours. In total, there are already 848,324 people who have been infected with the virus since the health crisis began in Spain.

Ayuso asks the Government to agree "sensible measures" to announce them tomorrow and recommends that the locals not leave the bridge

Ayuso asks the Government to agree on some “sensible measures” to announce them tomorrow and recommends that the people of Madrid not leave the bridge

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The health authorities also register 126 deaths with COVID-19 new deaths, 421 notified in the last week. There are already 32,688 people who have died with COVID-19 in the national territory. Spain has become this Wednesday the third country with the most deaths from the virus, only behind Italy (36,061) and the United Kingdom (32,463), according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

With an average of 100 deaths a day in the last fortnight, this September has been the one with the highest mortality rate in the entire democracy, with 3,000 deaths above the average according to the records of the Daily Mortality Surveillance System (MoMo) of the Carlos III Health Institute. However, the lethality of the virus has fallen significantly compared to the worst moment of the epidemic: from 12% in spring it has gone to 3.9%.

Madrid continues to be the autonomous community with the highest number of new infections, with 3,152 new cases, 2,265 of them in the last 24 hours. They are followed by Andalusia (2,556 new positives), which reports a thousand more infections than on Wednesday; Catalunya (1,716); Castilla-La Mancha (829); Euskadi (820); Castilla y León (776) and Comunitat Valenciana (706).

The TSJM revokes the confinement of the ten Madrid municipalities

This same Thursday, Justice has reversed the measures to try to stop the virus that the Ministry of Health had announced. The Superior Court of Justice of Madrid (TSJM) has overturned the perimeter confinement of the ten municipalities of the Community of Madrid, including the capital. Despite this revocation, the restrictions on hours and capacity in hotel establishments and the limitation of a maximum of six people for meetings are still in force.

Given the new situation, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has communicated that tomorrow Friday will report on new measures for the region, although he has asked the Madrilenians not to leave the bridge, informs Fátima Caballero. Ayuso has asked the central government for “help” to jointly agree on “sensible and fair” standards.

The President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has declared that they will put on the table “all the tools and instruments” to alleviate the virus, among which he has not ruled out a possible application of the alarm state in the Community of Madrid. Although, as he has explained, they will seek to agree on the new restrictions with the regional government.


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