June 24, 2021

Health measures for cities with a high incidence of COVID

Given the escalation of COVID in this second wave of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health proposes to the autonomous communities a series of measures that would affect cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants that meet three criteria: cumulative incidence of more than 500 cases per per 100,000 inhabitants, ICU occupancy above 35% and PCR positivity rate above 10%. Given these conditions, they are measures that would only affect Madrid capital and nine other cities in the region at this time. Yesterday both administrations reached an agreement on these thresholds.

Health proposes to the communities the closure of the capital and nine other cities of Madrid

Health proposes to the communities the closure of the capital and nine other cities of Madrid

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According to the draft of the proposal of the Ministry of Health, to which this newspaper has had access, these are the main measures that are proposed and that must now be approved by the Interterritorial Council in which all the CCAA are represented:


-I know will restrict entry and exit municipalities, except for those displacements, adequately justified, that occur for work, health, legal and judicial reasons, education (including exams), return to the place of habitual residence, assistance to dependent people, financial entities or for other causes of force majeure or situation of need duly accredited.

-The circulation by roads that cross the municipalities will be possible, as long as it originates and ends outside of them.

-The movement of residents within the municipalities will be possible, always respecting the individual and collective protection measures established by the health authorities (use of masks, social distance, etc.).

-Reduction to six people of social and family gatherings, except in the case of cohabitants (this measure was already in force in the Community of Madrid).

-The activity of the playgrounds for public use. In the Community of Madrid, the parks have been completely closed in the 45 restriction zones, not just children’s areas.

-The hotel and restaurant establishments and gaming and betting establishments They may be open until 23:00 (except food delivery), although they will not be able to admit new customers from 22:00. Right now, in the 45 restricted areas by the Community of Madrid the closing time is at 22:00, with which they earn an additional hour.

The maximum capacity will be fifty percent indoors and sixty percent outdoors, bar consumption will not be allowed and the maximum occupancy will be six people per table or group of tables.



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