Health is committed to converting 4,300 temporary temporary jobs in summer

The Ministry of Health has committed to unions to convert 4,315 health professionals into interns who have been chaining temporary contracts for more than two years. This is an increase of 32.2% compared to those proposed at the end of the year and it is proposed that it can be made effective from May until the beginning of summer.

47% of the positions that will become part of the structural staff of the Canary Islands Health Service (SCS) they are found in Tenerife –2,046 places–, compared to 37% of them that will stabilize in Gran Canaria –1,601 places–. This difference has its origin in different circumstances related to the organization and expansion of the centers.

For example, him Our Lady of La Candelaria University Hospital –Which will be able to stabilize 908 positions– has undergone a significant expansion of the workforce by opening the Hospital del Sur, which has been covered with temporary personnel. In fact, among the categories with more workers of this type in the process of stabilization through interim are the orderlies (107), being the third category with more temporary places in this center and practically the only management with such a number of places in this center. personal.

The Canary Islands University Hospital (HUC) will be the center that will proceed to modify the employment situation of more workers. Specifically, there will be a total of 975 people who will become temporary, with the most benefited categories being nursing assistants (296 places) and nursing (281). However, in the eyes of Francisco Bautista, general secretary of the Federation of public service employees of the UGT, what has happened in the HUC is not related to the expansion of services, since “the Hospital del Norte does not have even half of services than that of the South ”.

This is an increase of 32.2% compared to the proposal at the end of 2020

For Bautista, this "gap" is related to "poor management" and "different managements that have not wanted to solve the problem", so year after year they have avoided including these positions in their Agreed Management Plans (PGC). It should be remembered that the HUC is the only SCS hospital in which temporary patients must undergo an evaluation from time to time. "It has been an arduous job of the union representation with the Administration, but it was fair that the HUC restructured its staff that has been precarious for years," said the UGT representative. In fact, the HUC casualties are the ones who, on average, have been in this situation the longest. "At least 8 years," confirms Bautista.

Once the interim steps are made effective, these positions will be included in Chapter 1 of the General Budgets of the Autonomous Community, with which they can be put out to public tender, further promoting stabilization in a fixed position through offers public employment. "The next step, which we are negotiating CCOO and UGT at the national level, is to modify the Basic Statute of Public Employees (EBEP) to find a legal response to stabilize the interns who have been illegally concatenating contracts for years," said Bautitas.


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