May 11, 2021

Health investigates if an admitted to Negrín has the Indian strain

The alarms were raised just over a week ago when inside the Liberian-flagged ship, one of its crew of Indian origin died. The body was transferred to the Institute of legal medicine, where the autopsy was performed although, so far, it is unknown if the death was due to the coronavirus. Despite what happened, on Monday, April 26, the ship left the capital of Gran Canaria bound for the American continent.

A crew member of Indian origin died inside the ship, but the causes are still unknown


During the journey, one of the crew began to suffer from the symptoms of the coronavirus. The captain gave notice to Sea rescue when they were 496 kilometers west of El Hierro to request the rescue of the affected person, who had respiratory problems. The evacuation took place during the afternoon of last Friday, when a SAR helicopter of the Air Force, supported by an airplane, proceeded to hoist it to the cabin when it was located about 350 kilometers from the Meridian island. In the images published on social networks by the Army itself, the military uses all anticovid measures during the maneuver to avoid a possible contagion.

The components of the 802 Squadron Wing 46, based on Gando, landed around 7:30 p.m. on the helisurface of the Doctor Negrín Hospital in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, where the sailor was admitted to the covid-19 plant with mild symptoms, according to sources from the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, who specified that the sample collected from the patient is being sequenced to determine if it corresponds to the Indian strain.

The tanker, 184 meters long and consigned to the capital of Gran Canaria by the Stier XXI Group, returned to the port of La Luz, where it arrived last Saturday afternoon to remain anchored next to the Nelson Mandela dock, where its crew is quarantined, waiting for it to be determined if there are more cases of coronavirus inside and if they correspond to the Indian strain. However, port sources pointed out that most of the sailors are of Indian origin, although there is also part of the crew of Italian nationality.

The military, for their part, after the service, were in charge of thoroughly cleaning both the exterior and the cabin of the helicopter where the sick sailor was transferred, as shown in the images provided by the Air Force.

Two other cases in Vigo

The first cases in Spain of the so-called Indian strain They were detected in Galicia, in the Prometheus Leader ship, which remains in quarantine in the port of Vigo due to a Covid-19 outbreak due to three cases of the Indian variant. Yesterday two other crew members were added who had to be transferred to the hospital, with which there are already four sailors admitted and seven the total of crew members affected by this coronavirus outbreak. As confirmed by the president of the Xunta, Alberto Núñez FeijóoThese two people were referred to the hospital in the last hours of Sunday, so there are currently four who are admitted to the Vithas Vigo Hospital (formerly Fatima), although all of them are on the floor.

Of the two sailors hospitalized late Sunday evening, a 52-year-old man is positive for the condition and the other, a 38-year-old man awaiting results, also tested positive late in the morning. yesterday morning. The rest of the crew – made up of 22 professionals in total – is undergoing medical follow-up inside the ship. Among the ship’s crew, six cases of Covid-19 were detected by the Galician health authorities, of which five were referred for sequencing on suspicion of an Indian variant.

Finally, three of them – the other two presented a viral load insufficient – were confirmed as belonging to variant B1.617, subvariant 2 of the Indian strain, less aggressive than other variants and that “it is sensitive to the vaccine” Feijóo said this Monday that the situation is “stable”, although it is not treated of an “easy” variant, but rather “leads to more increased contagiousness.”


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