Health increases the offer of MIR places despite the fact that it did not cover the call last year

Health increases the offer of MIR places despite the fact that it did not cover the call last year

The Ministry of Health will announce a total of 11,112 Specialized Health Training (FSE) places for the 2022-2023 academic year, announced the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, at the press conference after the Interterritorial Council on Wednesday. This training is that received by graduates in Medicine (MIR), Psychology (PIR), Chemistry, Biology, Nursing, Physics or Pharmacy in a learning process as residents integrated into the National Health System. Specifically, the increase in MIR places is around 4%, but Last year, for the first time, the entire offer was not covered and more than 200 places remained vacant..

The paradox of the distribution of MIR posts and Primary Care: 200 places without doctors and hundreds of doctors without places

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This is the largest call made by the National Health System and represents a new record for the fourth consecutive year, Darias wanted to highlight. “We are going to offer 11,112 places, it is the largest offer in the history of the National Health System of places for specialized health training. It represents a 38% increase, that is, 3,000 more places since Sánchez arrived at Moncloa”, Darias highlighted.

“With respect to the previous call, in the next offer 486 more places will be increased in general and for medicine 323, specifically. With regard to family and community medicine, 73 more places", the minister has listed, who has indicated that places in child and adolescent psychiatry will be incorporated "for the first time", provisionally 20, although they could be increased .

The number of places offered in specialized health training as a whole with respect to last year has increased by 5%. The offer of MIR places has increased by 4%, reaching 8,503; Nursing has risen 7%, with 1,953 places; that of psychology increases by 11%, with 227 places and that of biology increases by 30%, by offering 60 places, advanced the SER early in the afternoon.

This and other issues, such as the redefinition of persistent COVID or the evolution of monkeypox infections, were discussed at the Interterritorial Council this afternoon. The Minister of Health has also announced that, from now on, they are going to implement a system together with the autonomous communities that includes "a section specifying admissions for or with COVID-19" in hospitals to thus have “more adequate information”. However, the data will continue to be given globally.

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