August 3, 2021

Health highlights the importance of mental health in young people – The Province

Health highlights the importance of mental health in young people - The Province

The Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands celebrates World Mental Health Day, which as every year is commemorated on October 10. This time, the slogan advocated by the World Health Organization (WHO) is Young people and mental health in a changing world. Likewise, in Spain it focuses on the idea of Inclusive education, positive mental health, chosen by the Confederation of Mental Health Spain.

Also, the purpose of this day is to reach the younger population and sensitize people of the importance of mental health from childhood and adolescence, as well as the need to address mental health problems from a perspective of respect.

Following this line, attention to mental health children and youth It is part of the strategic lines of the Canary Mental Health Plan, which on this occasion brings together 16 specific objectives and 72 actions.

Throughout adolescence and the first years of adulthood there are multiple changes both at the psychological level and in the educational and work environment that can sometimes cause stress and constitute a risk factor for the development of mental health problems . According to WHO, half of the mental health pathologies begin before the age of 14, the most frequent being anxiety disorders, depression, disruptive disorders and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

The Early Care Strategy contemplates the objectives and actions to be developed for the population from zero to six years and that these are coordinated between Health, Education and Social Policy. These actions will establish the basic guidelines for the development of mental health and care for children from zero to six years, for the next five years in the Canary Islands.


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