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Health finance the HIV preventive pill – La Provincia

The Interministerial Price Commission of the Ministry of Health has agreed to financing of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), also known as AIDS preventive pill, after having proven its "effectiveness" in other countries, as reported by the director of the Secretariat of the National Plan on AIDS, Julia del Amo, at the XI Congress of the State Coordinator of HIV and AIDS (Cesida).

"The last step has been taken, which was the Interministerial Price Commission in which there has been a favorable agreement for the inclusion of PrEP in the Public Services portfolio. There are still a number of procedures, but it is already rolling. This agreement it has to be above any political assessment, is a measure of public health and there is plenty of scientific evidence that PrEP prevents the acquisition of HIV, "announced Del Amo.

Since 2016, the use of the combination of tenofovir with emtricitabine for HIV prevention (PrEP) was approved, but a decision on its inclusion in public funding had not yet been made.

In this regard, the director of the Secretariat of the National Plan on AIDS has recalled the steps taken by the Ministry of Health in the implementation of the Social Pact for non-discrimination associated with HIV, presented on November 27, 2018. This pact includes a series of measures to fight against exclusion and stigma associated with HIV infection.

Thus, within the actions already carried out, Del Amo has highlighted the agreement reached in the Minister council to modify the exclusion tables to the bodies and security forces of the state to admit HIV-positive people and other pathologies such as diabetes, celiac disease or psoriasis.

Similarly, he has highlighted the actions of the department he directs in functions María Luisa Carcedo with the IMSERSO aimed at eliminating the barriers of access for seniors with HIV to residential centers.

The approval of PrEP is not the only preventive strategy proposed by the Ministry of Health for the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, which includes HIV and hepatitis CThey have also promoted campaigns for the use of condoms, especially among the young population.

Real universal health as a preventive strategy

For his part, the president of CESIDA, Ramón Espacio, highlighted the importance of applying a "real" universal health in all the autonomous communities, since more than a third of the new diagnoses in our country they occur in foreign people.

"It is necessary that these people be treated, both for respecting human rights and for a public health issue," said Space, after reminding the political parties present at the meeting of the "serious problem" in prison health as a result of the lack of resources and health personnel, which leaves prisoners in a precarious situation that violates their rights.

Representatives of the Labor Commissions, UGT and USO unions have also attended the event, who have reiterated their commitment to end discrimination in the workplace. The president of the Third Sector Platform, Luciano Poyato, who underlined the necessary union of all entities and highlighted the role of CESIDA as an agglutinator of organizations to give a better response to HIV.

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