Health estimates that 60% of those admitted to the ICU for coronavirus are not vaccinated

60% of the people admitted to an ICU with coronavirus were not vaccinated. The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has offered this information for the first time in an interview on TVE, in which she stated that Spain is “at a key moment to stop the virus from spreading.” The accumulated incidence exceeded 100 cases per 100,000 inhabitants on Thursday.

Trusting the control of the pandemic in Spain only to vaccination is a mistake, according to experts

Trusting the control of the pandemic in Spain only to vaccination is a mistake, according to experts

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When asked if she is “worried” about the evolution of the pandemic in Spain, where the contagion curve has accelerated in the last week, she assures that “you have to take care” and lead a “normal” life but “making it difficult for you to viruses “with the” culture of care “: ventilation, hand washing, distance and mask. “We have to help vaccines continue to protect us,” he asked.

The minister avoids talking about resuming restrictions: “It is not a question of not doing but of saying how we have to do it so that the virus does not circulate. the COVID passport that weighs at least seven autonomous communitiesDarias offers his support to regional governments although he considers that “our country differs from the needs of other countries because we have 90% vaccination coverage in people over 12 years old.” “Maybe for the groups between 20 and 40 years old – with the lowest vaccination rate – it can be an incentive,” he later conceded.

Darias has clarified that the percentage of those not vaccinated in ICUs “varies depending on the territory.” “In some it is above and in others below, but it is the first wake-up call: vaccines protect.” And he has also admitted that it has already been proven that over time the protection provided by the vaccine can decrease, according to a study by the Ministry’s technicians. President Pedro Sánchez announced this week the extension of the third dose to those over 60 years of age and to the personnel of health and social health centers, although there is no date to start administering it. It must first receive approval from the Public Health Commission.

The increase in incidence, Darias warns, “continues to be an important indicator that tells us about the circulation of the virus and it must be taken into account, but it asks” to look at other indicators such as hospital impact or positivity. ” beds in hospitals with COVID patients is currently less than 2%, that of ICU just touches the limit: occupancy reached the limit of 5% this Thursday.


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