July 14, 2020

Health does not know the measures that Education will propose for phase 2

The director of the Center for Health Alerts and Emergencies, Fernando Simón, has stated that it is not “clear” the proposal of the Ministry of Education for the measures to be applied in the educational sector in phase 2 of de-escalation and that when it is done they will value it as joint form.

Simón said it in his daily press conference on the health crisis when asked about the measures to apply in the entrance exams to the University, the EBAU, which will take place at the end of June and in July.

“I understand that somehow they will ask the Ministry of Health for their opinion on the measures that they -Education- propose and when there is such a proposal, we will jointly assess it with them,” he said.

“I cannot speak because I am also not clear on what Education proposal will be for phase 2,” he stressed.

Although Simón has insisted that it is a subject to be discussed with the department of Isabel Celaá, he explained that when an exam like the EBAU is going to be done, situations can arise in two spaces, at the entrance and during it.

It has urged to guarantee the measures of physical approach between people before the entrance of the examination so that there is no risk of transmission and also during the examination.

“From my point of view and without being an expert in education, but if I have taken some exams, when you take an exam there is already a certain separation,” he specified.

Simón believes that, on the other hand, “there should not be much problem during the exam” but that another aspect is “guaranteeing” the security measures “waiting to enter and the crowds that all of us who have done exams know, prior to entry.”

“It is a question that I think the Ministry of Education must establish or propose,” he added.


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