October 29, 2020

Health distributes more than 31 million gloves and masks to the communities

Between 10 and 31 March, the Ministry of Health has distributed to the communities more than 32 million units of gloves and masks to face the fight against the coronavirus.

In a statement, the Ministry details that the distribution of masks has accelerated (with the distribution of more than 5 million units in the last 48 hours), and the autonomies have already received a total of 15,550,815 units.

To date, the Community of Madrid has received 4,229,904 masks, while Catalonia has sent 2,361,791 units and Andalusia has had a million and a half.

In addition, in the aforementioned period the Government has distributed to the communities 16,373.100 million nitrile gloves, 135,191 glasses, 77,624 disposable gowns, 83,938 divers and 408,371 units of other types of protective material such as leggings, aprons, sleeve covers and hats .

141,800 units of hydroalcoholic solution, 106 invasive mechanical ventilation devices and 640 non-invasive ventilators have also been sent


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